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Tay Bridge disaster memorial


The Tay Bridge Disaster was an event which happened on the River Tay, Dundee, Scotland on the 8th of December 1879.

Due to engineering failures the rail bridge collapsed during a violent storm and as many as 75 people are believed to have died.

For this project we were asked to design an emotive memorial to commemorate the event and losses.

Here you can see the remnants of the original pillars Tay-Bridgebeside the new bridge.








And the site location for the memorial site

 My design is a spiraling walkway which elevatsketches from the ground and ends in an opened flower of triangular glass segments. This represents the carnage and twisted metal rails of the event. The opened flower represents the continuation and rebirth of life. A commemoration to the people and families who were involved.

There are 11 pillars holding up the walkway, the same number of stumps which can still be seen protruding from the river to this day.

The Flower at the top is made up of 75 individual glass triangles. These are a metaphor for the people who died that day and the shattering effect it had on the families and city of Dundee.



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