Marc Johnston – Design Thinking, Interiors, Spaces and Craft

Summer Project 2012




WHY > all good interior designers tend to be obsessed, excited and sometimes plain weird when it comes to materials. To be good at what you do you need to get ‘into’ materials.


TASK > Asks you to construct an abstract object / sculpture / artefact in any materials and to any scale.


Consider how your abstract object / sculpture / artefact evokes the qualities of any 1 of the materials from the list below


Trust your instincts here too: each material evokes certain emotional and qualitative descriptions as well as confirming certain quantitative attributes. You can play with these through word-play to get you started




Rubber / Glass / Timber / Stone / Plastic / Metal



For my sculpture, I have detached timber from its norm usage in furniture making and re-applied it to make a simple abstract table. When thinking about wood, trees are the first things which come to mind. My way of evoking the nature of timber in this piece was to make its form and shape dynamic and twisting like the boughs, trunk and branches of a tree.



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